Dojo Attire


A white gi is required when training at the dojo.  No other color gi is acceptable. When a karateka enters the dojo to train they should immediately change into their gi.

The only gi patch allowed is our Kanzen patch.

The gi must be washed and pressed regularly.  A karateka with a wrinkled or dirty gi will not be allowed on the dojo floor.

Only female karateka are allowed to wear a shirt under their gi.

If a karateka forgets to bring either a gi top or bottom to the dojo they will not be allowed to train.

To fix one’s gi during a workout you must turn to your right and face the back wall, and then quickly turn right to the front, back to your proper position. This only occurs after a pause in the workout.

A gi top should always be worn in class.  The only exception would be if asked by your sensei to remove it to perform kata or Shime.


The obi must be proper length, no more than one size greater than what is required.  An obi worn down to the knees is unacceptable.

The ends of the obi should be draped exactly at the same length.  Having one end longer than the other is sloppy and unacceptable.

The obi should be knotted properly.

Kyu and Dan ranks should be properly displayed on the belt, Kyu in black tape, Dan in red tape and Ho in white.

Hanshi, Kyoshi and Renshi belts should only be worn at special events, such as promotions and visiting other Kanzen dojos. They should not be worn when visiting non related dojos.