The Japanese dojo is a sacred place where karateka devotedly follow a way to grow physically, mentally and spiritually.  This place of learning not only stands for the practical aspects of karatedo, but for the philosophical aspects as well. For the devoted karateka, the dojo symbolizes a way of life.

The art of karate has a history rich with traditions and is defined by a warrior code known as Bushido. This mode of thought, behavior and customs has been continuously passed down by classical Japanese martial arts from generation to generation. To express respect for this culture, this ancient code, that so defined the samurais of yesteryear; it has been preserved in the traditional Japanese dojos of today.

These dojo rules and rituals are a major part of the fabric of karatedo and therefore must be followed by all who participate in Kanzen Goju Ryu.  Karateka’s knowledge, understanding, and application of these behavioral requirements are mandatory and are an integral part of our curriculum and the karateka’s learning process. It is the responsibility of all senior karateka to instill, fulfill and monitor the implementation of this obligatory code in one’s dojo.

Our protocols, our traditions, our rituals will build respect, virtue and honor which in turn will help us navigate a landscape that contains the path to self-awareness and enlightenment.