Waza Ouyou

 (Techniques Put To Practical Use)




 Jiyu (Randori) – free style sparring

Renzoku – continuous, consecutive sparring

Shiai (Shoubu) – tournament, contest sparring

Jissen  – actual fighting, full contact sparring

Yakusoku Kumite

(Prearranged Sparring)

 Ippon Kumite – defending against a single attack

Nihon Kumite –  defending against a twofold attack or two successive counterattacks

Sanbon Kumite –  defending against three consecutive strikes or any combination of a

.                                       three-layered attack and successive counterattacks

Kiso Kumite –  renzoku kumite using only techniques found in kata

Bunkai Kumite –  application or fighting techniques found in kata

Futari Shuuren –  two person training

  1. Seitou Uke Waza – traditional blocking techniques
  2. Ude Tekubi Kagi  – arm and wrist locks
  3. Joukyuu Uke Waza – advanced blocking techniques
  4. Ju Juuten Uke Houshiki – ten point blocking system
  5. Muchimi – sticky hands
  6. Gyaku Waza – reversal techniques
  7. Gotsui – hard set, classical kumite
  8. Jutsui – soft set, contemporary kumite

Futari Keiko    – two person drills

  • Ukemi Waza –falling techniques
  • Nage Waza – throwing techniques
  • Shime – strangulation techniques
  • Kansetsu – joint manipulation and bone displacement
  • Tsukamidori – grabbing techniques
  • Oshi Hiki Waza  – pushing and pulling techniques
  • Kakie –  hand and arm strengthening
  • Ude Tanren  – contact conditioning and arm hardening